Gait Analysis or Biomechanics

An indepth analysis of a persons gait cycle is performed using Dartfish Video and computer software to identify any injury causing issues. A second by second analysis is done of how a persons body responds as pressure is placed over the foot during a walking or running gait cycle. A comprehensive written report, including still photos taken from the video, is then compiled identifying muscle weakness/imbalances as well as advice on correct trainers and technique. Exercise prescription is then discussed as it will obvioulsy aid in the overall plan to eradicate the relevant injury.
This is a speciality of Emma's which was perfected while working in London in the field of gait analysis and correction, which at the time, included shoe prescription and making bespoke sport specific orthotics. It was during these years that she began an avid interest in all running related injuries as she was dealing with all sorts of them on a daily basis. These injuries included a wide spectrum ranging from the simple blister, knee pain and shin pain to the more complex issue of ITBS, joint replacements and even an amputee.